Duxbury Youth Lacrosse

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Winter Clinic Practice Guidelines


Thank you all for joining us during this winter to work on skills and play some lacrosse.  We are looking for your help in sticking to these guidelines.  Our goal is to make a safe and fun environment for your son to learn lacrosse.


* Please arrive to practice at the Duxplex 10 mins early

* No Bags at the Duxplex.  Get dress at home, in the car or in the parking lot.

* Masks, Buffs or Neck Gaiters shall to be worn at all times -- transiting to and from the building and while on the field practicing.

* The team coming on to play will enter the building through the main doors only and stand in the building main lobby.

* Once the team that is on the field has left the field and entered the bench area the coaches will invite the new team onto the field -- Players can not enter the field until a coach brings them on.

* Weekday sessions will be 50 mins, allowing 10 mins to switch the groups and limit interaction.  Sundays will be 1 hour and 20 mins (3rd to 8th grade only)

* When Practice ends the coaches will have the boys exit the field and either enter the bench area to wait for pickup or exit through the side door to be picked up.

* We highly encourage you to drop off your kid before practice at the main door and pick them up at the side door after practice.  We need to limit the amount of people in the building.  If you do come in only one parent can be inside and no siblings will be allowed.  In addition, you will be asked to stand 6 feet apart and wear a face covering at all times.

* As of today, sessions will be limited to 30 players max according to CDC and Mass State guidelines

* The 30 players will be split up into 3 groups of 10

* Sessions will be Skill focused -- working on basics: passing, catching, ground balls, shooting and defensive footwork.

* DYL will be using the State and CDC guidelines for safe play