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The leaders of Harlem Lacrosse Boston have launched a Career Day element to their program that exposes kids from Donald McKay School in east Boston (Duxbury’s partner school) to various careers by spending a little time with adults in their workplace.  The ultimate goal is to get kids to start making the connection between how their hard work and discipline now can drive them towards a career of personal and professional success and happiness.  These are good, driven kids that are looking to Harlem Lacrosse to raise their sights in life.  We can do our part.  

You can play an important part of this program by offering to welcome 6th, 7th or 8th grade students to join you at work for an hour or two.  Perhaps you do this while also having your own son or daughter join you.  This is a tremendous way to contribute to the OTHER virtues of sports.  

This couldn't be easier.  You need to work somewhere within 30 miles of Duxbury or Boston.  Transportation is provided by Harlem Lacrosse so the kids are dropped off and picked up.  You’d need to do a basic “show and tell” for an hour or two.  They ask that you are able to host 5-8 kids for the short time period.  You could do this just once, or a few times if you’d like.  

Sports is about so much more than competition; sports can open minds.  But we have to open the opportunities first.  We hope you’ll consider offering a little of your time.

Once you’ve removed the obstacles and decided to invest this time in some young students, let me know and we will get you in touch with the right people at HL-Boston. 

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Kerry Kisloski on behalf of the DYL Board