Duxbury Youth Lacrosse

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Duxbury Youth Lacrosse for Boys

Duxbury Youth Lacrosse (DYL) for boys is a 501c3 organization with the mission to teach the sport of lacrosse to all levels of players within our community.  We achieve this while teaching good sportsmanship and focusing on the most importatnt thing for all kids in youth sports -- having fun.


Goals for our DYL program:

  •   All K-8th grade boys in Duxbury will have the opportunity to play lacrosse in a supportive, positive environment. 
  •   Each player feels valuable to the team and individually confident as a result of positive camaraderie, teamwork between players, and a genuine effort to give all players equal playing time, equal coaching and equal support. 
  •   Develop all players appropriate to their individual level of play and game knowledge. 
  •   Players, coaches and parents compete and practice with appropriate intensity, excellent sportsmanship, and pure fun.
  •   All coaches advance DYL’s goals, are effective at coaching individuals and teams, seek self-improvement, and lead by example. 



Myth 1:  If your son has not started playing lacrosse by 1st or 2nd grade, then it is too late for him to start playing.

Facts:  This is a silly assumption; the reality is that kids start playing at all ages and enter the game at varying skill and knowledge levels.  Kids play for a variety of reasons.  They enjoy the physical activity required of lacrosse.  Unlike some other sports, lacrosse is a sport where kids have to run and can be physical.  They like being with their friends.  They like being part of a team.  No young child (or parent) should think they cannot play because some other kids know how to throw and catch better than them.  This is not hockey where you need to learn how to skate.  Nearly every boy knows how to run.  Kids can learn to throw and catch.  It’s not rocket science.  A little practice goes a long way. 


Myth 2:  If you do not play club lacrosse, then it is not worth playing town lacrosse.

Facts:  Put simply, Why?  Is a kid really worried about making the high school team or playing in college when he is a 10-year old?  Should this even be on the minds of a parents?  Of course not.  Kids play because they enjoy the game and want to be with their friends.  Play club, don’t play club.  It’s all the same as far as Duxbury Lacrosse is concerned.  We have a great program for kids of all ages and abilities.  Learn the game, get exercise, play with friends.  You can play Duxbury Lacrosse without playing club and still have a great time and develop to your full ability.  Anyone who tells you differently is trying to sell you something.


Myth 3:  A coach’s son gets more playing time. 

Facts:  Such nepotism is not tolerated.  The DYL board and coaches are bought-in to the concept of developing each player and doing so with equal investment of playing time, coaching attention and energy.  Being a coach is a selfless commitment to develop each and every player on a team, and to put the development of all players ahead of winning or the advancement of a few players. 


Myth 4:  Your son needs to specialize in a single sport.

Facts:  Study after study shows that specialization at a young age leads to overuse injuries and impedes development.  Let kids be kids.  Play multiple sports.  Take a season off.  Develop different skills and have fun.  Specialization should not happen in the K-8th grade.


Bottom Line:

DYL - it's board members and coaches - are passionate about lacrosse and would like the opportunity to introduce it to your child.  We have enjoyed watching and playing the sport for most of our adult lives.  It has brought us friendships, memories, a overwhelming sense of accomplishment and the ability to pick yourself up after a disappointing loss to try again.  If you are considering trying lacrosse we hope you do and if you are already a player we hope your passion never waivers.